What is the quality advantage


Replacing price competition with quality advantage

There are many cheap seasoning products on the market, but the actual concentration and purity are not high. When using them, you need to put more amount in order to have enough flavor, and some even have insufficient flavor. The quality of the ingredients is worth every penny. Instead of using cheap seasoning products, it is better to use real ingredients to attract guests.

There are as many as 500 kinds of various kinds of fried powder, marinade powder, soup stock, customized sauce package, etc. It is a professional manufacturer of seasoning (seasoning package), with perfect customized OEM service, welcome to restaurant chain Brands and various types of restaurants inquire about taste research and development cooperation.

OPENING Enterprise Co., Ltd. Provide affordable, high-quality seasoning and spice products, a good helper for your catering Main trading areas: China, Southeast Asia, Central and South America Business nature: manufacturing, exporting, OEM/ODM services, catering technology customization, overseas catering exhibition stores.